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Sep 10, 2010


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Well said.


Hope the race weekend was a blast. Looking forward to hearing about it. Keep Rising - a coach potentiates the process.

Brian Brode

Best of luck in your training. You've made a great choice in hiring Coach Brett.

Stay tuned...

Brian "TriBoomer"


Thanks Guys.

TriBoomer - Yeah, Brett's a great guy. Fun to have as a coach, lots of good advice (especially good for rookies like myself) and he manages to keep everything in perspective with a bit of Zen flavoring. :D

I listened to a couple of your podcasts for the fist time since last summer (I had take a break from all podcasts for a while), some good stuff... Keep up the great work.




@TriWithMS - have been hoping for an update since your last blog post in September. Your journey and reflections offer much inspiration for many - including some of my own patients with MS whom I have directed to your blog. Hoping you will find the time to give us a windown into your evolution. If you are using TrainingPeaks with Brett, you can set up your TP account to be public viewable, and post the link on your blog or via Twitter to share your training, thoughts, insights and breakthroughs. Wishing you and the family well. Keep Rising.

Aleksandar "@TriShaman"

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