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Jun 17, 2010


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I encourage you to figure out your "ownzones" and then use the zone alarms to keep you on target. This is especially useful later in the year when it's dark during your runs.

It very effective to plan a workout, on polar pro trainer 5, and then have your watch beep when you get out of your planned effort zone.

My first runs, for several weeks, I had to actually walk in order to keep my hr in the right zone when warming up and cooling down.

Even when in zone 3 and 4 I was super slow. It was embarrassing, and I got passed a lot and got lots of funny looks, but that's what you need to do to progress consistantly and injury free.


Slowdad - Perhaps we can go out for a run and you can show me some of the polar ropes.

I had set up a zone to run in yesterday, although it was pretty tough to keep it under 143 BPM when with someone else.

Even though my friend is just starting out also, it has to frustrating for anyone to go that slow I'm sure. Just like with us on the bike! ;D

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